Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change is good--it really is.

Change is not easy, but as I opened the door to our re-configured space at Rachel's Quilt Patch, it felt really good. Kay and I worked for three days moving furniture inventory and making decisions about where things will go, how the space will look, and how we feel about our decision to change. This morning, all of the angst I had felt, and all the second guessing that I had done with friends and family, and the decision process itself, seemed to fall away, as I wiggled the door open and stepped inside. This really is the right decision. It is comforting to get on this side of a major decision, and feel good about it.

Having said that, we did our homework, talking to the landlord, working and reworking our ideas, considering options, making list of pros and cons, and through it all, dreaming about what we really want for our space and for our time. The dream continues. Dreams grow, and with growth, change happens. It feels good to have some control of the process.

I am looking forward to all the possibility, promise and potential this space has to offer. Every day is new and full of hope for what can be. Stay tuned.
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